Jurie is a highly-specialised niche firm with a focus on independent senior legal and strategic counsel relating to Corporate Governance, Corporate Sustainability and Crisis Management. Jurie was established by Biörn Riese when he left Mannheimer Swartling 2017 as a platform for providing truly independent senior counsel based upon more than 30 years of practice with high integrity for selected clients.

The practice at Jurie is headed by attorney Biörn Riese who is responsible for providing senior counsel. When appropriate, additional resources are brought in. During his long practice, Biörn Riese has built up an extensive national and international network which enables close cooperation with other well-recognised and highly-qualified legal counsels and experts from private practice and academia.


Biörn Riese is the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board
In 2015 SVCA adopted a Code of Conduct and at the same time appointed a supervisory board. The main purpose of the Code is to ensure that private equity actors as owners act responsibly and professionally. The supervisory board's basic task is to exercise independent supervision that private equity follows the Code. The supervisory board may initiate cases after notification by the SVCA Board, on its own initiative or in some cases after initiative from individuals. Since May 17, 2017, Biörn Riese is the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

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Strategic business law with over 30 years’ experience

More than three decades of dedication to the legal profession have made it clear that everything must be fundamentally based on loyalty to the client's interest, the counsel's independence, the quality of the counsel and the counsel's repertoire of experience. It's called business law for a reason. It is about business where the law is a critical tool. The business community has always been characterised by constant change. Strategies and focus are changing, and so are the demands of stakeholders. The outside world is anything but static. What was previously a risk or even a threat becomes an opportunity or even a strength. Developments in the area of sustainability are a clear example of this. Legal counsel needs to constantly evolve in parallel; both in content and in form. Based upon this philosophy, Jurie’s business is built upon on a combination of experience, independence, loyalty and quality coupled with curiosity; all with the purpose of creating business value for the client.

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About Biörn Riese

Biörn Riese specialises in giving counsel and assistance relating to Corporate Governance, Corporate Sustainability with special focus on anti-corruption and Corporate Risk Management.

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For clients

Jurie clients will be given access to a private workspace with permission levels and password protection where they can share, edit, discuss and confirm documents and files. Please sign in with the password that Jurie has provided for the specific task.

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Jurie’s office is located in Tändstickspalatset on Västra Trädgårdsgatan in Stockholm. The reception is manned on weekdays between 8:00AM – 6:00PM.


Telefon:  +46 (0)8 345 000
E-post: info@jurie.se
Adress: Västra Trädgårdsgatan 15, SE- 111 53 Stockholm

Biörn Riese

Telefon:  +46 (0)70 595 12 47
E-post: biorn@jurie.se
Adress: Västra Trädgårdsgatan 15, SE- 111 53 Stockholm